Where in the World is Boxstar Apparel?

Its our favorite time of the year - the open is over and the local competition scene is about to heat up in a major way. There's no better way to test your mettle by leaving your blood sweat and tears on a gym floor a few times a year. After all, what's the point in busting your butt day after day if you're never going to test how far you've progressed? While we don't pride ourselves on being the best competitor out there, we do believe competing plays a vital role in our #greaterthanyesterday mantra. There is no better insight into who you truly are until you test yourself, and for that, there's no better option than a competition. 

It is because of our love for competitions that we are absolutely stoked about May. We have the opportunity to attend two major competitions, which we hope to see a lot of your awesome faces at. The first event is The Heartland Games, which is being held in conjunction with The Fit Expo at the Donald E Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont Illinois. This event houses Powerlifting events, Strongman events, Bodybuilding events, as well the CrossFit event already discussed. Oh, and they boast tens of thousands of fans and competitors over the weekend. No better way to check out all things strength and fitness than by being at this event.

And of course, later in the month we get to take a trip to Music City USA, AKA Nashville Tennessee to watch our squad, #teamboxstar, compete against the sports best at the Central Regional. Dylan, Streat, and Jessica all make a return trip to compete in the individual divisions while Andrew will have a pack of his Alpha Dogs with him this time as he competes in the team division (Learn how you can support them here!). This will be our second time being a vendor at Regionals, and if last year was a sign of things to come, we are incredibly amped up for this year. Our squad is better than ever, our gear is as awesome as ever, and we'll be in Nashville. Could it get any better? We don't think so. Well, until Madison, but we'll get to that later... ;)

If any of you awesome peeps plan on attending either of these competitions, comment on the post below. We might just have something special for you when we see you. Until then, keep hustling and keep being greater than yesterday. Thanks Boxstars!

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