Team Boxstar Athletes

Team Boxstar is made up of some outstanding individuals that demonstrate our core values of grit, hard work and perseverance day in and day out. 

Team Boxstar 2018 Regional Tees


Dylan Martin

2018 Regionals Tee


Nick Bloch

2018 Regionals Tee

Andrew Hiller - Team Boxstar    

Andrew Hiller

2018 Regionals Tee

Alex Carravetta - Team Boxstar 

Alex Carravetta

Jessica Schwartz

2018 Regionals Tee

April Payne - Team Boxstar

April Payne

2018 Regionals Tee

Katie Lindsley - Team Boxstar  

Katie Lindsley


Ceilia Maccani


Michele Fumagalli

2018 Games Tee