18.1, Rifles, and Puppies..

We've all been patiently awaiting the arrival of 18.1, most of us with the anticipation and eagerness of Ralphie on Christmas Eve. What would the new movement be? Would we actually get that Red Ryder Carbine Action Air Rifle? Could it be true? 

Sorry Ralphie, but mom and pops got you the knock-off version. At least that's how we felt when we heard the new movement was DB Hang Clean to Overhead. I mean, sure its still a "new movement" but isn't it really just a knock-off version of the DB Snatch? It's not the pistols or handstand walks we were hoping for. Oh well, we still get to play fitness after a longggg offseason. 

18.1 Tips & Tricks

18.1 is a 20 minute AMRAP of 8 Toes to Bar, 10 Dumbbell Hang Clean to Overhead and 14 or 12 calories on the rower. Nothing sexy, nothing fancy, just a long grinder designed to wear down your grip. There's only a few things to keep in mind:

  1. If your grip isn't a strength, break up the T2B early. Don't be a hero. If your grip goes, then you'll crumble.
  2. Always start with your weak arm first for the DB Hang Clean to Overhead. When it comes to unilateral work, it is common to see global fatigue, meaning even though you are only using one arm at a time, both arms will get tired together. Be smart and use your weak arm first so that your strong arm can make up the difference afterwards. 
  3. Push the row, but not so much that it will blow you up for the other two movements. Unless you are an amazing rower, you probably want to have a 1 to 1 T2B/DBC&OH to Row interval. So if it takes you a minute to complete the T2B and the DB work, you should hold yourself to about a minute on the rower. 

And that's really it. Find a pace that feels comfortable to you, something that is challenging but you won't gas out on the T2Bs. Nothing more really.

And sorry for the knockoff rifle. We decided to upload some motivational pictures of puppies to make up for it...


    February 23, 2018 by Jason Yule

    The Final Countdown



    It’s here. In exactly one week (give or take a few hours), Dave Castro will announce 18.1 to hundreds of thousands of eager, excited, and probably slightly scared enthusiasts. Today we just want to leave you with a few final thoughts heading into the start of the 2018 season.



    You’ve put in the hours; you’ve sacrificed your blood, sweat, and possibly some tears over the past few months. You’ve dialed in your nutrition, your training schedule, your sleep, and any other variable you think might give you an advantage. Now it’s game time. The most significant thing you can do to help yourself now is to ENJOY IT!

    Stressing out over what the workout might be won’t help you at all. Stressing out about a particular movement or time domain that you didn’t train quite enough won’t help you at all. What you need to understand is that anything that happens now is largely out of your control. Stressing about this stuff is just wasted effort. Try your best to enjoy the next 5 weeks, I promise that being happy and excited will do more for your performance than being stressed and worried will. Plus, the Open will be over faster than you think – don’t waste it.



    “No one care’s what your score is.” I absolutely love that quote. It took me a LONG TIME to come to grips with it, but it’s so true. I used to think I have to put up an awesome score because everyone is watching me. Well, eventually I realized that was kind of foolish – the Open is about pushing myself to be better after all.

    If you have to scale a workout, you didn’t fail. If you don’t repeat a workout, that’s fine. Again, the only thing you should be concerned with is pushing yourself. If you feel external pressure to perform at a certain level, don’t give into it. Listen to your gut and do what you feel is right for you. If you give in to external pressure I promise you won’t enjoy the Open as much as you should.



    Things will go wrong. The workouts will be hard and you will be pushed past your breaking point. That is the exact intent and design of the 5 Open workouts. The only thing you are allowed to be upset about is if you don’t give your full effort. Everything else is off limits. We know there will be new movements that will surprise us and we know our weakness will show up too. Greet them with a smile and a can-do attitude.

    Oh, and there is no bitching, no complaining, no whining, and no excuses. These are reserved for losers and quitters. Not you.


    For most of us, the next 5 weeks are what we train year round for. Enjoy it, don’t stress, and be smart. And of course, be #greaterthanyesterday.

    February 15, 2018 by Jason Yule

    18.Zero - Did you miss this?

    What the heck is 18.Zero? Did you miss this? While most of the United States was asleep early on Wednesday morning, Dave Castro was being Dave Castro over in London. Apparently he released 18.Zero, which we have "zero" idea of what it means.

     The workout was as follows:

    Alternating Dumbbell Snatches
    *New Movement Standards*
    - DB can't switch hands until it crosses the athletes face
    - Burpees have to be hop back and hop up (no step-back/step-ups)


    Very interesting. So not only do we have a brand new workout, we have two brand new standards as well. Upon first glance, it doesn't seem to be too crazy of a workout. While it would definitely be a quick burner, it doesn't seem to be anywhere near the soul crushing workouts that the Open is known for.

    Maybe a new PR / Marketing stunt to get people excited and registered for the open? We all remember Dave's campaign for the team series, right? At this point, nothing would surprise me.

    I think what is more important is the standards he implemented. I've personally always viewed the step-back/step-up as a sort of scaled version of the burpee, since it's not capturing the original intent of the burpee. Maybe HQ decided that we've gotten too good at pacing burpees, and wants to get back to that original intent.

    When it comes to the DB Snatch standard, the first thought that comes to mind is the grey area that comes with it. Is there a specific cutoff point? Forehead? Nose? Chin? I feel sorry for any judges if we see this standard in the open this year.

    Or, again, this could all just be a rue created by Castro and the HQ marketing team to get some excitement drummed up before the season starts back up. Can you believe we are only 5 weeks away??

    We'd love to hear your thoughts! Post your comments below!

    January 18, 2018 by Jason Yule

    The Road to Regionals

    And just like that, the 2017 CrossFit Open has come and gone. The 5 weeks were a whirlwind, but we wouldn't have it any other way - we fought, we struggled, we learned, and most important, we grew. Today, however, we take a minute to highlight those of us who thrived. 

    Team Boxstar

    Jessica Schwartz

    Jessica battled some of the toughest ladies on the planet as she earned her return invite to regionals. This will be her third consecutive Central Regionals appearance, pretty damn impressive for someone who is only 19 years old! Jessica dominated the Open by taking top 20 in three of the five workouts - 15th in 17.1, 20th in 17.2, and 13th in 17.4. She rounded out the 5 workouts by taking 32nd in 17.3 and 21st in 17.5. These scores landed her 15th in the North Central Region and 130th in the world! 


    Dylan Martin

    Dylan earned his return invite to regionals, making this his second consecutive trip to the Central Regionals. Dylan finished extremely hot by taking 7th place in 17.4 and 2nd in 17.5. He had solid finishes in 17.1 and 17.2, taking 16th and 12th respectively. His one outlier was 17.3 where we placed 47th in the region. These scores landed Dylan 5th in the extremely talented North Central region and 59th overall in the world!


    Streat Hoerner

    Streat also earned a return invite to regionals, and like Dylan, this will be his second consecutive trip to the Central Regional. Streat started the 2017 Open in grand fashion, winning 17.1 in the North Central. He secured a top 10 finish in 17.4, and very respectable finishes in 17.2 and 17.5, finishing 27th and 12th consecutively. Like Dylan, Streat's outlying workout was 17.3 where he finished 93rd in the Region. These scores landed Streat 14th in the North Central and 122nd in the world.


    Andrew Hiller / CrossFit Alphadog

    Unfortunately the open didn't start as planned for Andrew as he was diagnosed with Mono after the first two weeks of competition. Luckily, Andrew and the rest of his affiliate, CrossFit Alphadog, were able to sneak into regionals in the team qualifier by taking 15th in the North Central Region. This will be Andrew's second consecutive trip to the Central Regionals as he qualified as an individual competitor last year.


    Don't know about you guys, but this group is fired up to get back out on the Regionals floor, its been a longggg year! We're hungry and its time to eat!


    What Went Down at Wodapalooza

    We couldn’t have been prouder to be repped by these awesome athletes in Miami. Here’s how things went for Team Boxstar down at WZA:

    • Boxstar Nation - Dylan Martin, Streat Hoerner and Andrew Hiller teamed up to take on the Men’s Elite division. They started off hot, finishing in 9th place on Friday. The swim didn’t go as planned, (does it ever?) but, like true Boxstars, they still fought hard and managed to finish day two in 15th place. After ups and downs on the third day they ended up in 22nd place. Pretty awesome considering they were competing against multiple games athletes! And we know next year they’ll do even better. Keep it up guys!
    • Justin Richardson returned to take on the intermediate division for the second straight year. He fought hard all weekend, with a notable achievement in the final workout, winning the snatch event. Although he would’ve liked a better result, his resolve and determination ensure he’ll only get stronger and come back next year better and badder than ever.


    Dripping in gold

    ICYMI, we dropped our new gold foil line last week. Women’s booty shorts and racerback tanks in black and white and men’s tees and shorts. Check ‘em out and grab yours before they’re gone.


    Boxstar of the week


    This week we’re psyched to introduce you to Streat Hoerner. Streat has been part of #teamboxstar since we found him tearing up the Granite Games in 2015. That year Streat finished 5th, just one spot behind our own Dylan Martin, and they quickly realized they were training only miles apart from each other. It didn't take long for the two Iowa boys to take their game to the next level, and both qualified for regionals in 2016. Streat represents our Boxstar mentality perfectly - he is quiet, humble, and extremely focused and hard working. We can't wait to see what 2017 has in store for this guy!


    Boxstar nation



    Check out Jordan putting in WORK! Getting ready for the Open never looked so good, rocking them royal blue Platinum Shorts! Thanks for repping us while you’re repping Jordan. Want to be featured? Just post a pic wearing your Boxstar goodies on Instagram, tag us and use #Boxstar and #Greaterthanyesterday