The New Year Means...

The New Year Means...

Boxstar Nation, what's good? We're just about a week away from 2017, and that means the 2017 CrossFit Open is right around the corner! Are you guys as pumped as us?? The open is an awesome time for elite athletes for sure, but we think it is even more incredible for that average CrossFitter who wants to push themselves to new heights. Because, lets be honest, that's really the majority of us. Its a five week test to see if we truly put in the work day after day living up to our mantra, #greaterthanyesterday, with the singular goal of being #greaterthanlastyear. But lets not get ahead of ourselves. We still have two entire months before the open starts... Today we want to focus your attention to a new test, and a new online competition, the Bullet Point Open.

The Bullet Point Open is just in its second year of existence, and is already getting some major publicity. Some early sponsors include: HVIII Brands, Pure Pharma, FitAid, Compex, No Bull Project, Brute Strength Equipment, Rock Tape, Concept 2, Schwinn, among others, and of course, us, Boxstar Apparel. The Bullet Point Open is a 3 week, 4 event online competition packed with prizes to emphasize and reward community. Registered Affiliates can qualify to win incremental poundage of bumper plates depending on how many registered athletes they have. So, the more of your friends you get to register, the more you can benefit as gym members. Moreover, There will be two "BAMF" Prizes given to two random winners at the end of a competition - one will win a Concept 2 Ski Erg and one will win an Schwinn AirDyne Pro - pretty neat! 

The competition hits a wide range of participants, ranging from kids (12 and under), teens (17 and under), Scaled and Rx divisions, as well as masters (40 and up). There is also a team category where you can partner up with a friend for additional chances to win (the workouts are still the same individual ones). The prize pool is incredibly deep as well, with a majority of sponsors throwing in their sweet stuff. Take a look at what you can win here. 

Speaking of prizes, stay tuned for Event #2, Zombieland Survival Rule #20, which we'll be personally sponsoring. According to event coordinator John Gildenzoph, the WOD will be a grinder with a "special twist" - pacing will be necessary, but the ability for an athlete to drain his/her tank at the end will be key to maximizing the score of this workout. I can't tell if I'm excited or scared after hearing that. The winner of each division will also score some gift cards from yours truly.  

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