The CrossFit Open is less than a month away

Luckily for you, we’ve got all the swag you need to perform at your best. Here’s just some of what can help you crush every movement that Dave Castro's devious mind can conceive.

Men’s Coach Shorts and Ladies Gold Booty Shorts - Wallballs? No problem. Lunges? Cake walk. Squats? We got you. The men’s extremely light weight and comfy shorts are made with maximum comfort and breathability in mind. And since they come in two colors you can choose whichever looks better on video. The women’s won’t ride up, have a thicker waistband that you can fold over to show off that hard work, or keep up to hold it all in. Rock ‘em in white or black.

Men’s PR Tee and Ladies PR 2.0 Tank - Because if you’re gonna PR, it might as well be in the Open. And then post that shit everywhere!

Ladies Capris – Hang power cleans? You’re covered, literally. Double unders? Check! Banish bruises and don’t worry about dropping trou with these form-fitting capris that won’t move during any workout.

Men's Joggers – Get your sweat on or just stay warm as you rock these ultra comfy joggers. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you if they’re too soft to take off.
Remember, buy any two items, get the third for 50%.

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