Surviving the Summer

It's finally here. That wonderful time of year that we long for from November until May - sweet summertime. Sunshine and warm weather means we get to take our workout addiction outside with tire flips, sled pushes, running (maybe that's not a positive), and our personal favorite, lifting some heavy weights outside. And come on, whats better than crushing a killer wod and then cracking a cold brew?

Unfortunately, as great as the summertime is, its ridden with potholes just waiting to trip you up on your journey to the best possible you. Below are a few of our favorite potholes, and how we recommend you protect yourselves from stumbling and hurting your proverbial ankles.


Who doesn't love a good cookout? Brats & burgers, potato salad, and don't hold back on the cheap beer. If you're from the Midwest like us, chances are your friends or family are inviting you to a different cookout every other weekend. Thankfully you are a CrossFitter and you know everything about being paleo. Our recommendation: load up on the meats and veggies, and save the carbs for the beer. You'll likely need a healthy amount depending on the company. 

Going to the Beach

This one might not apply to you unless you go on vacation, but we happen to live on the shores of Lake Michigan so we have a handful of local beaches. And because life is automatically better if you're sitting on a beach, our plans tend to include them a lot. That also means a cooler full of (you guessed it), cheap beer and snacks. Our recommendation: since no one is going to sit on a beach sober, we recommend bringing some fun yard games to stay active. Beach + Fitness + Beer sounds good to us.


In the summer it seems like there is a different festival every single weekend. Whether it be a church festival, music festival or cultural festival, groups of supporters are gathering to share their love. And drink beer. Pretty sure they are only gathering to drink beer. And that's ok because like we already determined so far, is that beer is good. Our recommendation: the summer is busy so you can't attend every festival. You need to game plan. Beer festivals should obviously be at the top of the list, and then we like to prioritize based on the quality of music and finally the quality of food.

What are some of your favorite summertime activities? We want to know! Comment below! 

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