Show some lat-titude

Oh boy Dave Castro. Just when everyone thought dumbbell thrusters were in our future (and they still might be), along comes the bar – two of them.
With 17.3, the main objective is don’t blow your ability to pull.
Per Boxstar athlete Dylan Martin, 2016 Central Regional Athlete and currently 9th in the North Central Region, “Know your limit on chest to bar pull-ups. I recommend 2 or 3 sets as the rounds go on. Definitely do singles on the snatches with a short rest between reps.”
Conserve your energy and don't waste any pulls on no reps. And while time is a factor, pacing and knowing how much time you need in between sets is going to be the key to progressing…assuming you can hang with the heavy weights.
Good luck out there Boxstar Nation and tag us in your 17.3 pics.
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