New Swagggg


Hey, did you hear? Boxstar has new swag dropping on Friday. It's the New Year, and you're crushing it, right? Well we want to make sure you're staying warm AND looking as fresh as possible. Ladies we're dropping brand new full length leggings - these things are BOLD and you will definitely stand out at the gym. Guys, we didn't forget about you - two brand new crew-necks perfect for warming up and for those chilly lifting sessions. Ladies, they'll look great on you too. And lastly, because we just love tacos so much, we had to make a taco shirt. Take a peek now:



We're launching two different crews, the Varsity and the Army. If you couldn't figure it out, the varsity features the distinct "varsity" lettering front and center. And the Army is featured on the distinct olive green that is so representative of the branch. These bad boys are extremely comfortable, and as already mentioned, extremely functional. Both are perfect for warm-ups, EMOMs, skill sessions and lifting sessions. 


Greater Than Yesterday Tights

Our ladies have been asking for more full-length tights so we had to deliver. These things are BOLD ladies - super vibrant and look amazing. They feature "Greater Than Yesterday" down the leg because everyone needs more GTY in their lives. These tights are just like all of our others; they feature 4-way stretch, anti-wicking material and they don't ride up OR down during workouts. 


Tacos are Forever

So, yes, we are a pretty serious, down-to-business type organization. We value hard work and grit, but we also like to have a good time. And while we love fitness more than anything, all good things must pass. So when the fitness does eventually fade, rest easy, knowing tacos will be with you until the end of time. And who doesn't love tacos?

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