Have You Tried These Things?

Have You Tried These Things?

Hey guys, so we wanted to take a little bit of time today to share with you a product spotlight on an awesome accessory we stumbled upon while we were in Iowa for Field of Teams a few weeks ago. The company is Versa Lifts, and they make these little inserts that you put in your zero drop shoes to give you the ankle range of motion benefits you'd get from lifters. Why not just use lifters, you might be wondering.. Well, lifters aren't ideal for a lot of workouts, plus some people just don't like them. Personally, I don't like the weight or stiffness of them. Not to mention, they aren't practical if you have things like double unders, box jumps, burpees, etc. 

Enter Versa Lifts. These little guys are incredible. They allow you to crush any movement that requires ankle flexibility (pistols or OHS, anyone?), but you're still in your comfortable Nanos/Metcons so you can knockout the box jumps that come next. What's even cooler is that they are made to not only help your ankle flexibility, but improve it as well. What they did was make the inserts adjustable, so when you feel like you have gained sufficient range of motion with the beginner insert, you can peel a part of it off so that it gives you less ankle flexion. Over time you can make it smaller and smaller until you no longer need the inserts to help perform these types of movements. 

Still skeptical? Check out their IG feed (instagram.com/versalifts) and see all of the big name endorsers giving them high praise, such as Sheila Barden (Games & NPGL Athlete), Carleen Mathews (Games Athlete), Rachel Cambell (Regionals & NPGL Athlete), and James Townsend (NPGL Athlete). To add to the early list of supporters is Doctor Zach Long, DPT and owner of The Barbell Physio, who said, "VersaLifts make a great tool to help improve movement patterns as the athlete works on improving mobility." This is quite an impressive list of supporters for a company that has only been around since the summer. 

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