End of the Open, Start of a new release

17.5 is officially upon us. Before we dive into tips to cap off your 2017 Open, let’s take a moment to pat ourselves on the back for being absolute Boxstars every week. Getting PRs, watching others get their firsts and just enjoying the community we love and cherish makes it all worth it.

Oh, and loads of new Boxstar apparel. Yep, we’re dropping tees, tanks and shorts today, so be sure to scroll past the tips and console your End of Open woes with retail therapy. #nojudgment #itmakesyoufeelbetter
Ok, now back to the task at hand. Mr. Castro, we appreciate the brevity this week. Here’s how to tackle the final workout:
The two major keys here are transitions and your double under success rate. Thrusters are actually minor in the grand scope of this workout:
  • Transitions - Be smart. Set your bar down so it doesn't bounce away or roll while you’re jumping. Don't haphazardly drop your rope either. Gently set it down. There are 19 transitions so that’s a lot of time to be either saved or wasted.
  • Double unders - Don't go too fast on these if you can't sustain it. Messing up will be your biggest time waster, so you need to avoid that. Go a bit slower if it means you wont miss. Try to keep your arms relaxed and elbows tucked in by your sides to save your shoulders. If you keep your arms extended when you do DUs, your shoulders will fatigue extra fast with the high thruster volume.
  • Thrusters - Go at a pace that you'll be able to sustain unbroken sets of DUs. Making up a few seconds on thrusters isn't worth it if you redline and lose your dubs. 

We’re so stoked to unveil a ton of new swag to help you keep being #greaterthanyesterday.
This fantastic Men’s Lion Tee will have you roaring past the competition.

Blue Swing Tee gives you a little more movement around the middle for those cheat days. Just sayin’.

For those who prefer subtle, the Men’s Stencil tee is perfect for you.

For those who dream in color, this bold red Gold Block Tee is up your alley.

Show your support for the troops with this Army Swing Tee.

Ladies get fancy with this tank.

Be bold with this red gold block tank.

Get into the swing of things and indulge in that donut with this swing tank.

And finally go for the green with these gorgeous mint shorts.

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