Boxstar - What Does it Mean to You?

You may have noticed we have been a little more motivational lately. Really trying to push people to stay focused on their goals and to chase them relentlessly, without getting distracted in the process. You could call it a re-awaking, I suppose. You see, after weeks and months of having fun and "enjoying the process" a little too much, I realized somewhere I had gotten lost. I didn't care about progress and didn't care about my goals. I was working, but not focused on improving.

But then something clicked. Maybe it was the fact that my clothes were becoming uncomfortably tight, or maybe I could tell that I was losing the trust I had built with people who looked up to me. Whatever it was, I knew at that instant that something had to change. I thought about what leading by example meant - practicing what you preach - and how I wasn't doing that. And then I revisited the Boxstar's Creed.

The Creed

The Creed was our anthem, our calling card. In a world full of people okay with settling and okay with being good enough, the Creed was our way to set ourselves apart. The Creed stood for doing the extra work and going the extra mile; getting better each and everyday in a constant battle for betterment. Working not because you had to, but because it was the right thing to do. 

If you haven't read the Creed yet, please do it now. Allow it to set your heart on fire like it has renewed the fire inside of mine. Allow the Creed to motivate you to do the extra work and to do the little things that others wont. We are surrounded by people who are content where they are. Even in the fitness world, they workout everyday, but when it comes time to take that next step - getting nutrition dialed in, or taking mobility seriously, or whatever it is - they don't do it. Just like I had become: too comfortable where they are.

Greater Than Yesterday

I invite you to be different. I invite you to join us on this quest of being greater than yesterday. We are going to raise an army of people passionate about doing whatever possible to make sure progress is being achieved. We want Boxstar to be synonymous with hard work, determination and grit. When people see you wearing Boxstar, we want them to know you are determined to being the best you can be. Remember, Boxstar doesn't mean you are the best or the flashiest, it means you are the hardest worker in the room. Are you with me?


Yours Truly,

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