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Boxstar Nation! If you've made it to this page, I'm going to assume you have some interest in becoming a Boxstar Ambassador. First off, thank you very much, we truly appreciate your interest and your desire to learn more about the ambassador program! Today I'm going to explain exactly why you need to join our ambassador team, and all the bad ass perks that come along with it!

So, what is the Boxstar Ambassador team, anyways? First and foremost, the ambassador team's purpose is to help grow the brand in the best light possible. We have always been a grassroots style company, coming from very humble beginnings, and we want to keep that history alive as we continue to grow into one of the more well known brands in the industry. 

This is where you come in - its time to get our name out there in a big, big way, and we need your help. We don't have the means (nor the desire) to have a huge marketing budget, but that's OK. Like all of you, we look forward to the challenge of working our butt off to accomplish our goals. With your help, we know we can get it done. 

What's in it for you, you ask? A few things. Most importantly is the fact that you'll get to directly impact the course of the brand going forward. We'll ask your opinion on new items, new designs, new styles, etc. There's nothing cooler than being directly involved with the growth of something awesome, and this is your opportunity. But that's not it! You'll get the added benefit of growing your personal brand as you'll undoubtedly be featured on our social media pages, which currently reach over 25,000 users on a weekly basis.

Some of you may not care about your personal brand, or for that matter might not even want to be showcased. That's fine too, just let us know. But the perks for our ambassadors don't end there - I'm sure you guys saw the $50 fee to join, and may be wondering what that's about? Well, we're going to hook you up with some swag, of course!

The ambassador swag pack includes branded sunglasses, a branded coffee mug, stickers, a totally unique Boxstar Ambassador tee/tank (if you're already an ambassador, don't worry you'll get this too), and then another tee or tank as well as a lightweight hoodie. The value of the swag pack is over $100, and shipping alone costs us $10! 

Next is the discounts - you'll get a 15% off discount code to share with your network, making you the star of your box (see what I did there?). You'll also get a 30% off code reserved exclusively for yourself, but you can only use it for yourself. We do allow our ambassadors to purchase 2 items per month for friends and family using their personal 30% code, but that's it.    

The final perk that you'll get as a Boxstar Ambassador, and this one isn't guaranteed but we want to share it anyways, is the chance to do some behind the scenes stuff with Boxstar HQ. If we are doing a photoshoot, or we have extra tickets to a big event (like the 2018 CrossFit Games), we may just ask one of you to tag along. 

Well, what are you waiting for? Go apply now, today's the last day after all!

PS - if you're interested in being a sponsored athlete, this is a great way to get your foot in the door!


  • Eric Blacker

    Im an avid crossfitter and motorcross racer and would love to help show of some of your gear.

  • Simon Dionne

    IG: ieat_prots

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