And the Team Grows

And like that, our team has grown tremendously. We asked for your help - help us spread the good word about this awesome company, and our message. And you guys came in force. We were blown away with over 100 applicants, so naturally it took some time to sort everything out. We carefully reviewed every applicant as we never wanted to be a company that auto approves anyone - this isn't about the ambassador fees for us, this is about finding quality people to represent the brand

Unfortunately, anyone outside of the United States had to be postponed. if this is you, you are still in the ambassador queue to be considered in the future, however since we aren't capable of international shipping yet, we deemed it inappropriate to have international ambassadors. We also denied anyone who we didn't think had the best intention for, or who didn't fit the brand. Like I said, we were searching for people who embodied our philosophies and live by them day in and day out. People who we knew where passionate about the brand. 

If you were approved, a congratulations is in order! You value hard work, determination, and betterment - qualities that we love. We won't lie, there are a lot of you now. Our ambassador team is well over 75 people, and we are so excited to see how this affects the movement of our brand and our message. As you know, those same qualities mentioned above (hard work, determination and betterment) are becoming less and less common in society today. People expect things handed to them without putting in any work to achieve them. People gawk at the idea of identifying a goal and committing to a process to achieve it. They'd rather be content where they are then work to be better.

So, now that you are a part of Boxstar Nation, we have a challenge for you - show the world that these qualities are worth having. Show the world what is possible when you live everyday in pursuit of something, in a relentless pursuit of #greaterthanyesterday.


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