All Or Nothing

So, this past Wednesday (July 26th) was national All or Nothing Day. Yes, I know what your thinking - "National All or Nothing Day? What is that and why is there a 'National Day' for seemingly everything." Well, unfortunately I can't answer that. But still, it got me thinking.. Sure, it's kinda cheesy and maybe a little sad that we need a specific day designated to this, but man if used properly it can be a hell of a thing.

All or Nothing Day

So what is All or Nothing Day, anyways? The main idea is born from the Roman's "Carpe Diem" or Seize the Day. This is the day to break down your barriers, to do something you've been meaning to do and to conquer your fears. Lets be honest, we all have SOMETHING that is holding us back.

Whether that means finding the courage to apply for a better job, finally committing to a workout or nutrition plan, finally apologizing to someone you've been afraid to deal with, or finally reaching out to disconnected family. It really doesn't matter what the action is, the key is taking action. Don't let that fear hold you back anymore.

Everything You Want is on the Other Side of Fear

As Jack Canfield wrote, everything you want is on the other side of fear. Today is the day to finally cross that bridge. First, identify what is holding you back. It might not even be fear, it could be commitment issues, laziness, whatever. Second, identify WHY you are having these issues. Why are you afraid? Why are having issues committing to the program? Why are you being lazy? Afraid of what people will think of you? Are you not being fulfilled with your work, causing you to be lazy? The third step is taking action. You've identified the issue and what is causing it. Now correct it.

I think the real reason why All or Nothing Day resonated with me is because it is embedded in the spirit of Boxstar and our Greater Than Yesterday philosophy. Think of All or Nothing like GTY on steroids. We preach that we should be doing a little bit each and every day to make sure we are on the track to betterness. But sometimes we need to throw a fork in the road and totally change things up. That's All or Nothing Day. The day we decide the current path just isn't the best one we can be on. So whatever is holding you back, figure it out and face it. Take action. You'll be happy you did.

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