5 Thousand Followers

5 thousand followers. For most, that number isn't significant at all. In all things Instagram, that number barely registers on the followers scale, especially when you consider the likes of Camille, Rich and others boasting hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers. 

But for the small, family grown, Midwestern company that you guys know and love, we are stoked. Hell, we still remember hitting our 100th, 500th and 1,000th follower benchmarks. Each one meaning a little bit more. Each one a little more proof that this idea in our head is so much more than an idea in our head. Each one proving that this idea is becoming a philosophy that hundreds, and now thousands of people share with us. 

After all, we aren't just selling clothes. Don't get us wrong, we know we are pumping out some dope swag, and we love it, but more than that we are trying to change the way people think about and attack life. We want to make the process of doing work cool again. We want the world to understand that hard work is necessary and something that should be valued. We want people to realize that the process of becoming #greaterthanyesterday is vital to achieve success, regardless of the endeavor.

And each additional follower helps us share that philosophy. And for that we thank you all for being loyal friends, fans and fanatics. Without you we are nothing, and our message would not be heard by anyone. 

To celebrate our 5,000th follower, we have chosen @Nitrowayne who will pick up a brand new tee and shorts combo! Congrats!




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