20.3 is... Time to Redo!

We finally got our repeat! Unfortunately it's probably not the one most of us wanted, but what can ya do. At least we get to play with a heavy barbell.

20.3 is: Diane, right into Super Diane


This workout is probably the most straightforward so far this year, because the handstand push-ups are the distinct limiter here. Most people should be good enough to get through the deadlifts. 

If you can't hammer out HSPU, then I'd recommend getting through the deadlifts as fast as possible so you have as much time as possible on the wall. If HSPU are your jam, then you might want to consider going slower than you think you'll need to. The deadlift volume adds up quick and the second weight can be pretty brutal, so unless you have a monster deadlift you'll want to be smart with how you handle the load.

If you are pretty confident that both of these movements are a strength for you, then a secret tip would be to do the HSPUs strict. They are actually faster than kipping, and don't tax your core nearly as much as kipping HSPU do. Of course you need to be able to hammer out strict HSPUs in this scenario, and it might not make sense if you're going to struggle on the deadlifts. But hey, every second counts, and if you can save some time on the wall it would probably be a good thing. 

And let's not forget the standard. I've already seen a ton of bitching and whining about it, but it is what it is. Life is never fair, and if you expect it to be then you're setting yourself up for a hard time. Show up, do your best, and move on. 

If you are planning on scaling this one, then let it rip! This should be a fun workout that you can hit at full speed and really get deep into the pain cave. 

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