20.2 is...

I think I figured Dave Castro's clue out... 20.2 will be more boring than watching grass grow. Pretty spot on Dave.

In all seriousness though, this is an interesting workout. Very small reps makes these sets pretty manageable, so muscle fatigue shouldn't really be an issue. The main areas under attack will be the shoulders and grip, since all three movements will tax them. But what this workout really boils down to is cardio. Your goal: easy, sustainable movement focusing on good breathing. You want to make sure your movement is as efficient as possible, especially your double unders. 

Let's Break it down

DB Thrusters

We only have 4 each set, so these are really no problem. The only thing these might do is burn your grip out a bit if that's a weakness of yours, otherwise these shouldn't be much of a concern. Try not to waist time staring at them, pick them up and get them over with. 

Toes to Bar

Depending on your skill level these will probably be the separator. The goal should be to go unbroken, but if you know you struggle with high rep T2B it might make sense to go 3 and 3 with a super short break. Also be smart and get set up so you don't have to jump high for a bar. Save your energy today, no wasted efforts.

Double Unders

Tip #1, make sure your laces are tied. Maybe even double knotted, the last thing we want is your laces to come untied 15 minutes in. Tip #2, make sure you are RELAXED and BREATHING during these. If you tend to tense up during double unders, or hold your breath during them, you'll gas out quick. And finally, remember to keep your elbows tucked in - the wider your hands travel, the more strain will move to your shoulders. Try to keep your shoulders relaxed so you can keep them fresh for the Thrusters and T2B. 

Bonus: Transitions

The final consideration today will be your transitions. There are a lot of them! If your cardio isn't great, then be smart and use the transitions as your rest period. Just try not to stop and stare, as soon as you get to the next movement, get going. If you are more advanced, you need to minimize transitions as much as possible. Consider this - there are 3 transitions per round, if you take 5 seconds per transition, that is 15 seconds PER ROUND, meaning an entire 5 minutes of your workout would be just transitioning. If you can drop that to 3 seconds per transition, you would give yourself an entire 2 more minutes to work. 


That's it for today guys! Not too complicated of a workout. Be efficient and move well. And then don't stop :)


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