20.1 Is...

Some bullshit. 



Just kidding, this is actually some OG CrossFit if I've ever seen it. A nasty couplet, just you and the barbell. And a couple of burpees. What I love about this workout is that efficiency will be rewarded. Move like shit? Get ready to enter the pain cave early. If you can sustain smooth, efficient movement throughout, you'll should be alright. 

Let's take a peak at the actual workout itself:

10 Rounds for Time (with a 15 minute Cap)

8 Ground to Overhead (95/65)

10 Bar Facing Burpees


When analyzing this workout, it's important to consider your ability. Since we can choose what movement we do, we need to figure out which one would be best for us.

The goal of this workout is doing the barbell work unbroken, because we can take our time and do slow burpees if needed - we don't want to waste time staring at the barbell. So, if you know for a fact you can cycle SMOOTH & EFFICIENT snatches at 95 for 10 sets of 8, then go for it. If not, then go with the clean and jerks. 

If you are scaling, the same logic applies - if you can stay super efficient with your snatches, than those will be the faster move. If not, choose Clean and Jerks. At the end of the day snatches are not incredibly more fast, maybe 10-20% faster. 

They KEY to this workout is the burpees. The faster you can keep your burpees, the better time you will get. BUT you have to make sure you chose a pace that you won't burn out at. If you come out too hot to start, then that pain cave will come quick. Also, if you have erratic burpees, or waste a lot of energy on them hopping all over the place, do step-down/step-up. This will do two things for you, it will save your energy and it will keep your heart rate down. These are literally the most important things when doing burpees, so take advantage of this strategy today.

So, to boil it down: the barbell should be super light, so go unbroken on it. The pace you keep on the burpees will either make or break you.


Good luck guys and crush 20.1!!

And as always, #greaterthanyesterday


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