18.5, the Final Test

Castro gave us the option to seal our own fate, and we chose thrusters. Maybe the thought of having a thruster-less open was too much to bear. It just wouldn't be right. 

Today isn't about how to do better in 18.5. There isn't much strategy, its a short workout and you just have to go. Rather, today is about finishing strong, regardless of where you are sitting on the leader board. It's about finishing strong regardless if you are happy, disappointed, or downright pissed off about your current standings.

Over the past 5 weeks we have posted a weekly quote about winning - about how winners think and how winners approach the game. Winners see losing situations as opportunities to grow, and the see winning situations as something they have prepared for over time. So my question to you is, are you looking at your situation as a winner would?

If you are upset about your performances and you just want the Open to be over so you can start working on next year, you have a loser's mentality. A winning mentality realizes that, even though they might not be winning right now, they still have an opportunity to learn something new about themselves. One last opportunity to see what they are made of, to see if they can surprise themselves, to see if they have grown and where they have an opportunity to grow.



A winner's mentality realizes they have one final week to prepare for future success. They have an opportunity to instill winning habits, a winning approach to competition, etc. A winner approaches this final test as if they are advancing to the next round, even thought in reality they aren't. 

So, regardless of where you are, approach this final weekend like a winner. Realize that the previous 4 weeks have no baring on this week - the only thing that matters is giving 110% effort this week. Be positive, be excited, and be grateful that you have the opportunity to compete in the sport that you love so much. 

And then crush it. For most of us, we don't get to compete again for 47 weeks, make the most of it, Boxstar Nation! #greaterthanyesterday



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