18.4 - Don't Crack Your Egg Shell!

We were right! Granted the odds would have reasonably predicted that handstand push-ups were going to be in 18.4, I would like to tout the fact that we thought the egg shell represented your fragile head and the dog's nose represented an abmat. And of course we aren't 100% sure that is what Castro was getting at, but hey, sounds good enough to us.


Thank the lord Castro didn't give us 16.4 for the third consecutive year. It seemed as if the stars were aligning, and Castro's "out of the box" comment before the Open started made it seem like it could have definitely happened. 

Instead, we get Diane and Diane's old cranky mother. Of course you have to earn your time with the elder, assuming you are proficient enough at these movements. 

18.4 is:

For time (with a 9 minute cap) -
Deadlifts (225/155)
Deadlifts (315/205)
Handstand Walk in 5 ft' increments
There isn't too much too this one. If you are pretty close to Handstand Push-ups, then you might as well try to get some done. If not, then don't crack your egg! We're excited to see this one unfold, we're thinking there are going to be some blistering fast Diane and "Diane senior" times. 

Let us know how you do, and if you get your first HSPU be sure to tag us!

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