What have we been up to?

Wow, its been a while since we've been on here. Luckily, we've been a bit too busy to find time to consistently share with you guys. But, like anything, if its important, you make time. And we think its pretty important to share what we've been up to since the Games just over a month ago.

New Releases!

We've launched a number of new products since the Games!

Men's Stars & Stripes Tee

Men's Heart & Hustle Tee / Ladies' Heart & Hustle Tank

Men's Work Harder Tee


We've also debuted a whole new line of sweatshirts and joggers at the Granite Games, as well as our highly anticipated Ladies Shimmer Shorts - stay tuned for our online debut of these items as well!

 Granite Games

We had our first event since the CrossFit Games this past, so we were up in St. Cloud MN for he 2017 Kill Cliff Granite Games.



If you couldn't tell, we've been busy! We were finally able to expand our booth footprint, meaning of course a bigger, kickass booth, but more importantly - more swag! As previously mentioned, we released a number of new products exclusively at the Granite Games this past weekend - a lightweight zip-up, a standard weight zip-up, a new athletic cut jogger, as well as our ladies shimmer shorts. They all went fast, so as soon as they are restocked, we'll be sure to throw them online for an online debut.

What's Next?

 Things will slow down for us just a bit through the fall and winter. You may catch us at a local comp or two, otherwise we wont be out much. Wodapalooza is a possibility as well, however its a logistical nightmare for us, so we have some things to figure out. We have a few collaborations in the pipe as well, with some pretty cool companies, so stay tuned!

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