Meet our awesome ambassadors

First we want to give a huge shout out to everyone who applied to our ambassador program. We were overwhelmed with entries and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Unlike other apparel brands who claim to be selective but take everyone who pays the fee (we’re not naming names), we knew that for the integrity of this program we had to keep our numbers small and could only select a certain number of athletes.


As members of Boxstar nation, you’re all outstanding and we’ll definitely open up our selection again when ready, so stay tuned.


Please check out all these Boxstar badasses (on Instagram, of course) and show them some love. Without further ado, our ambassadors -



Andy Janzen (@crossfittc)


Kyle Snell (@snelly_rx)


Rena Seiler (@machinelab_crossfit)


Christina Meeks (@christinameeks)


Sabrina Roll (@roll.sabrina)


Casey Pierce (@Caseyrp)


Tyler Fortner (@mr_tfort17)


Audrey Straney (@audreynicole9)


Caileen Seguin (@caiseeg)


Abby Belk (@Abby_layne3)


Jared Koepp (@Jaredk08)


Ben Zeeb (@bzeeber)


Alexandria Mahl (@smallmahl)


Jacqie Vyskocil (@jvyskocil17


Zac Courtier (@zcourtier77)


Tom Zoeckler (@tzoeck15)


Reilly Good (@reillygood007)


John Wimmer (@johnwim)


Lincoln Stewart (@coachlogs)


Paul Chuang (@pchuang79)


Adam Filz (@filz_adam)


Kayla Hardiman (@kaylaree_3)


Andy Ciskowski (@coachandythegreat)


Tiffany Jakubowski (@smallz2186)


Spencer Cotton (@sscotton)


Taylor Lockwood (@lockwood18)


Sean Baldwin (@seanbaldy)



Jason Shorey (@CFCoachJay)


Sarah Brewer (@sarahbrewz)


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