Here we go again. 17.4 is 16.4

If it’s good enough for the girls, it’s good enough for the rest of us. Take a page from Brooke and Brenda and break everything up.

Deadlifts: Break into 11's, or maybe even quick sets of 6 and 5. If you go to fatigue on these, everything else will be incredibly more difficult. Even Brooke broke them up into small chunks and she’s the deadlift queen.

Wall Balls: Again, I recommend 11's with short breaks. Chances are your posterior chain (hams, glutes and back) is going to be toasty after the deadlifts, so if you work too hard here and blow your quads, the row is going to suck.

Row: Easy peasy people. Guys, keep the damper around a 6. Ladies try a 4 or 5. Don't pull more than a 1200/1300 calorie per hour rate. If you do, have fun trying to do handstand push-ups with lifeless sacks where your legs are supposed to be.

Handstand Push-ups: Hope you didn’t beat yourself up too much :) This is all about small sets followed by small rest. Don't be a hero. This standard gets very hard once you reach fatigue. Don't rush these either. Wait until your judge gives you a verbal ok before you lower onto the next rep. If you don't hear the ok, don't give up on the rep. Try pointing the toes towards the ground (flexing your ankles) to help get your ankles above the line.

Are you excited to see this workout again? Tag us in your pics @boxstarapparel and let us know how you did.

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